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Casinos: Bank of Machines A group of machines, usually all of the same type, together in one location.
Casinos: Bars Bars are a common symbol you'll see on many slot machines. It is usually a rectangular shape with the word BAR printed on it. There are usually single, double, and triple bar symbols on the reel.
Casinos: Blank The blank spaces that separate one symbol from another on the slot machines reels.
Casinos: Buy Your Payout On a buy your payout style slot machine each coin you play makes you eligible for additional winning combinations on the payout schedule. For example, the first coin may only buy payouts for bar combinations. A second would buy payouts for sevens or and jackpot symbol combinations.

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Casinos: Cold or Tight Machines A slot machine that is not paying much out. This is likely because it is set with a lower payout percentage.
Casinos: Credit A credit is the slot machines equivalent to coins. When you insert coins or bills into the machine you are awarded one credit for each coin. You are also awarded credits for winning spins. Each credit awarded is equivalent to one coin. You can turn your credits back into coins by pressing the Cash Out button on the machine.
Casinos: Hit < Any winning combination of symbols on the payline.
Casinos: Hot or Loose Machines A slot machine that is paying out well. This is likely because it is set with a higher payout percentage.

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Casinos: Jackpot You hit the jackpot when the three highest value symbols all line up on the payline. On multi-payline machines there may be jackpots of different amounts depending on which payline the symbols line up on. Other machines may have side games such as Spin 'til You Wins which have large payouts on the side games that are also considered jackpots.
Casinos: Microprocessor The integrated circuit that controls the operation of the slot machine. Slot machines are computers. They still contain electromechanical parts for accepting and paying out coins, lighting up various parts of the machine, or for visual effects.

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Casinos games: Multi-payline A slot machine with more than one payline. There may be three to five horizontal paylines and even diagonal paylines. Some video slots will also have vertical paylines.
Casinos: Multipliers Multiplier slot machines have a payout schedule that proportionately increases with the number of coins you play.
Casinos: Payline The horizontal rule across the center of the reel window. The symbols must line up on the line to hit a payout. Some slot machines will have multiple paylines that may be above and below the center payline and may even cross it diagonally.
Casinos: Payout The amount you are awarded when a winning combination of symbols line up on the payline.

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Casinos: Payout Percentage The threoretical average percentage of money taken in that a casino's slot machines pay back to players. The percentage does not mean that all of the casino's machines pay back that amount. It is an average. Some will pay more, some less.
Casinos: Progressive A game in which the jackpot starts at a specific amount but continues to grow steadily until someone wins it, after which it is reset and starts growing again.
Casinos: Reel The spinning wheels which contain the slot machine's symbols. On video style slot machines the reels are simulated. In either case they are there for the visual effect and used to display the result of the digital reels which are actually stored in computer memory and 'spun' by a random number generator.

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Casinos: Symbol Each slot machine has a theme to it's game. For example Double Diamonds, Red, White, and Blue, or Double Blackjack. Each theme has a set of images called symbols that represent the theme and which are placed on the reels.
Casinos games: Video Slot Machines A slot machine with a video screen on which the reels and other elements are simulated with graphics and animation.
Wild Symbols When a wild symbol lines up on the payline it substitutes for any other symbol. For example, if you line up two 7s on the payline with a wild symbol it is the same as three 7s. Some wild symbols may also double or triple the payout, or even more. There are some games where the wild symbol is wild anywhere. In other words, if the symbol shows up fully anywhere in the reel window it is the same as if it lined up on the payline. Go top

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