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Several Roulette Game strategies to beat casino's dealers

12/6 Roulette strategy

How to play roulette system

Let's check this roulette betting strategy.
The numbers around a roulette wheel are arranged so that high and low, red and black, and odd and even numbers appear alternately.

If you look at the roulette wheel closely, youíll see that 0 and 00 are opposite each other.

The first five numbers to the right of 0 are 2, 14, 35, 23 and 4.

Diagonally across and to the left of 00 are the numbers 1, 13, 36, 24 and 3.

This 12/6 betting System involves betting on those 12 numbers.

betting In numerical order, the numbers we use are 0, 00, 1, 2, 3, 4, 13, 14, 23, 24, 35 and 36. Those specific numbers form two six-number sections on opposite sides of the roulette wheel and all 12 numbers can be covered with six split bets. Hence the 12/6 System.

Split bets are made by placing one or more chips on the line between two numbers.
You can cover the above twelve numbers by simply placing your chip(s) on the line between each of these adjacent pairs on the table layout: 0-00, 1-4, 2-3, 13-14, 23-24, and 35-36.

Free  You are betting on two separate slices of the roulette wheel, hoping the ball will come to rest in one of those two sections.

Also, by betting a total of 12 numbers you cover almost one-third of the entire wheel.

You have nearly a one-in-three chance of winning on every spin.

To make money with the 12/6 System the same number does not have to hit more than once. As long as, in three consecutive spins, any one of the 12 numbers comes up youíll pocket a nice profit.

roulette betting Systems, strategies and tips for slot machines_three chips  When one of your numbers comes up you will be paid 17 to 1 for a total of 18 chips.

Now you bet back your win by placing three chips between each of your six sets of numbers.

If you win again, the payoff will be 3 x 17 = 51 chips, plus you get back your 3-chip wager for a total of 54 chips.

This is where it gets exciting! You re-bet those 54 chips by placing nine chips on each of the same six pairs of numbers. Win once more and youíll collect 162 chips!

roulette betting Systems, strategies and tips for slot machines_dealer  (9 x 17= 153 chips plus the 9 you wagered). At this point you will have a net win of better than $100.
If the dealer hasnít already done so, I suggest you ask him or her to exchange 100 of your chips for one black ($100) casino chip. Then put it in your pocket or purse. Whatever happens from here on, youíve ensured you wonít leave the table as a loser.

roulette betting Systems, strategies and tips for slot machines busy table If you are playing at a Land casino you will find it helps if you choose a busy table, where the dealer takes longer between spins to sort and stack chips, this gives you more time to place your bets accurately.

roulette betting Systems, strategies and tips for slot machines_sixpairs  Unless you can afford to splurge, I suggest you find a table with $1 chips and a $5 minimum on inside bets. Buy no more than 60 $1 chips. Start by placing one chip between each of these six pairs of numbers: 0-00, 1-4, 2-3, 13-14, 23-24. and 35-36.

Repeat this same wager until you win.

Your daily lucky numbers

The "2 Or More" Roulette betting System

This roulette betting system is very simple and only requires patience and some nerves but never fails.

I would not recommend trying on a computer simulation, however as simulations are a lot different from the real thing in results. If you want to test it without betting money first then record the numbers from a real casino. Ok so here it is:

1. Record 38 spins on a double zero wheel (37 on a single zero roulette wheel).

2. Mark all numbers from the 38 that have come up 2 or more times in those 38 spins.

3. Bet all of these numbers with flat bets only for the next 38 spins.

Even if one or two of the numbers hit early keep the original bets on them because usually they will come up more than once.

4. record 38 more numbers starting from the number right after the last set of 38 that you just bet on.

5. Repeat step 3.

You will find with this betting system on average you are betting about 6 to 11 Numbers on average and winning 9 to 13 times per 38 numbers. Although you donít need this many wins to produce a good profit at 35-1 this is why the roulette betting system pays so well. Remember to tip the dealers well after winning.

They donít get paid that much and they will tend to look the other way if tipped well. Good luck.

"24 Numbers" betting system

Basic tendency of this method - progression with enclosing double bet.

Disposition consists of the following four bets: 4-8-16-24. Play on two dozens (1-2 or 2-3).

The bet is made from the last felt out number (if it is from BIG, the bet should be placed on 2nd and 3rd dozens; if the last number fell out from SMALL - on 1st and 2nd dozens).

After each winning spin we put double bet on the same dozens, and in case of winning we start again from the first bet of the progression, but if double bet is lost, go to the second (and etc.) bet.

Using this method of the game you can lose a lot. It is important to finish the game having some profit.


Start with $100 dollars and play with $5 chips.

This gives you 20 units to play with, so go to the bottom of the table, and place one $5 chip on the bottom column of numbers.

You now have a bet on all the numbers in that column.

Go to the next column and place a $5 chip on that column.

You now have all the numbers in that column also.

This bet pays 3 to 2, so if you hit you are up one chip or one unit.

The play behind this, is that you have most of the numbers on the wheel bet, there are 3 columns of numbers, and you have bet on 2 of the three columns. So the thought is, if you bet on 2/3's of the numbers on the wheel, and there are 1/3 of the numbers left, the odds are 2/3's of the numbers will come more often than 1/3 of the numbers.

OK now the twist... money management...

Each time you hit on your bet, bump your bet up.

When you hit one time, raise your bet to 2 chips, when you hit 2 times bump your bet to 3 chips, when you hit on the 3rd, bet raise your bet to 5 chips. This is your big bet.

This is as tall as you go.

Let the 5 chips ride, and you will win 5 chips or units on each spin of the wheel after that.

Try it, you'll like it.
I have had some really good luck with this play.
The bump on the chips goes like this, each time you win go up.

One chip, 2 two chips, 3 three chips, 5 five chips, and set on 5 chips and let it ride until you miss then go back to 1 and start all over, with 1 one chip and go back up to 5.

roulette betting Systems, strategies and tips for slot machines_three chips


For even-chance betting only, say we bet on RED and BLACK. When you bet, look at the last 2 or 3 game results. It is easy to remember.

For example, the last 4 game results were:

Black, Zero, Red, Black.

My suggestion is to bet:


That is to say, you should bet the Red in the next game. No headache to think.

If Zero came the result before the last, then bet the one before the Zero.

If Zero was the last game result, then bet the one before the 2nd last.

And so on...

Why I use the "Game Result Before the Last" strategy ?

Because I believe, from the years of my big losing experience, there is always a streak of winning or losing runs.

Don't go for finding it by yourself. Sit there calmly. Have a cigarette. And let them come to your doorsteps. Face it.

My roulette betting system strategy could catch:

A long string of Red runs,

A long string of Black runs,

A long string of Alternate Red/Black runs.

But of course, nothing is perfect, when you meet really, really bad luck:

A long string of Alternate Double Red/Double Black runs will kill you.

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