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Casinos: How To Not Get Scammed At Slot Machines games:
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Whether you are playing slots that take coins or you are trying the newer technology of ticket producing slots, here we have a few comprehensive tips on how to avoid being taken advantage of.

The coinless slot machine technology that has truly revolutionized slot play and has been a hit with players has also generated a new problem - cheaters who have found ways to negotiate the system in their favor.
Listed below are a few of the top issues that our friends from GamblingPhD wants you to be advised of :
- The Use of slugs - With the implementation of coinless slot machines, there are fewer slugs out there. This does not mean that they do not exist.
- Fake or Shaved Tokens - Players sould be on the look-out for these types of tokens, especially at higher coin denomination machines.
- Devices Used To Deceive Electronic Coin Readers - Be aware of illegal devices that aid cheaters in emptying slot machines by disturbing the coin counting mechanisms. These can even be bought right off of the Internet. Some dishonest people will rent them to cheaters right off the street outside of a casino for a very hefty fee, of course.
Whatever the scam, be aware of your surroundings when you are playing the slot machines. If you keep an eye on what's happening around you, and look for red flags, you are bound to become a better, wiser player. Also, not everyone that looks dishonest is dishonest. Treat everyone with respect, but also keep your eyes open.
Most of all have fun!

Playing online slot machines has become increasingly popular, as online casinos have grown in popularity. This growth in online gaming has seen an increase in the number of players looking for an easy way to hit the million jackpots and become one of the few high rollers who succeed in online slots.
Many are tempted to buy an casinos online slot system which claims to be able to make the purchaser regular huge profits. The reality of online slot machine systems however, is that the claims don't match the hype. Casinos Slot machines remain games of chance, and just like roulette and craps, there is no system that can guarantee you regular jackpots. Don't buy an online slot machine system. Read on and find out why!

Fact: You Cannot Apply a System to Online Slots to Make Regular Income

There is no way to make guaranteed profits from mathematically detrimental games, and online slot machines are such games. In mathematics, you know exactly what will happen.Casinos Games of chance are the exact opposite. You never know what will happen next. If you did, then of course, it would not be a game of chance. Casinos Online slots are a game of chance, so mathematical systems cannot be applied. Period.

Online Slots Do Work To A Mathematical Formula!

The winning combinations produced by online slot machines are generated by a Random Number Generator (RNG). In online slot machines, RNG's are not truly random, because they are the result of a mathematical process. If you knew the formula used in any online casino slot machine and the value of the last random number generated, you would be able to calculate the next random number that would be generated, but of course, you can't. Why? The reason is the speed at which the RNG calculates winning combinations.

The RNG is actually a series of codes written into the software of the game chip. It generates numbers and it does it very quickly. In fact, at least 100 numbers every second can be generated. In an online casino slot machine, each one of those numbers corresponds to a result on the reels.

The effect of this for the player is a random choice from a field of numbers that will determine the outcome of the play.

Casinos: Why You Can't BEAT Online Casino Slot Machines

Online slot machines RNG's produce a random generation of a number from the field of numbers in the program, at least every one-hundredth of a second. The RNG is always generating numbers even when it's idle.

Even if the programmer of the online slot machine knew the sequence in which the numbers are being generated, by the time he calculates what the next number is the machine will have moved on, as we all know all computers can crunch numbers quicker than any person.

While it is not totally random by the nature of its programming, a programmer even if he knew the sequence would not be able keep up with the machine, so what chance would a player have? Fact is you can't use a mathematical system in online slot machines. So a system that tells you it can guarantee slot machine jackpots consistently.

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