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Caribbean Poker - Stud Poker Rules
at Online Casinos

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Caribbean Poker is different to other games where you play against other players.
Here everyone plays against the casino (dealer), paying out all winning bets.
To win you have to beat the dealerís hand, other playerís hands donít make a difference.

First each player makes an ante (initial blind bet) and is dealt 5 cards face down.

The dealer receives 4 cards face down and one card face up.

Now each player decides whetherto fold or play by looking at their cards, if they fold then their ante is lost but if they continue, they have to double their ante-bet.

Now the dealer reveals his hand, but he must have an A-k or higher in order to play his and, if not the player is paid even money on the ante and also the additional bet is not lost (See the table for odds).

If the playerís hand beats the dealerís, the ante is paid at evens.
However, if the dealerís hand beats the playerís hand then both bets are lost.

Caribbean Poker: Additional Bet Payout odds:
One pair or High card  1/1 (Even)
Two pair                     2/1
Three of a kind        3/1
Straight               4/1
Flush               5/1
Full House                7/1
Four of a kind        20/1
Straight flush        50/1
Royal flush        100/1

Caribbean Poker: If the dealer and player play the same poker hand, then remaining cards are taken in to consideration. If all five cards are equal, the hand is void. Neither the ante nor the additional bet is lost. The ranking of suits makes no difference to the hand.

Here the odds are poor a normal game of poker with seven players will have odds of at least 6/1 which is a great deal better when compared to the minimum odds in this game which is 1/1. Also the odds paid for additional bet are poor. Again there is no skill required and you rely too much on luck. Finally, remember you have much better odds of winning money when you are playing for the pot.

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