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This system will only work at online casinos, so don’t try it in Vegas or any real casino.

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I have been using this system successfully for over three months as of November 2005.

I have studied many systems on beating casinos and have had varying levels of success.

With this system however, I have had 100 percent success.
Not only that, but I am going to show you how you can get started without risking one cent of your own money.
Read on for the full details.

Table Of Contents
1.The Strategy – How and Why it Works
2.Simplified Strategy
3.Setting Up – Get your Free Money
4.Some Things to Remember
5.Earnings Disclaimer

1.The Strategy

First of all, this must be played at one of the online casinos I suggest you in chapter 3, as a single player or at a private table, so select that option.

Please remember that this system will only work at online casinos, so don’t try it in Vegas or any real casino.

See the picture of the Roulette wheel below taken from one of the casinos where this system works:

Single zero European Roulette

single zero european roulette There are 37 numbers on the board, 0 through 36.

They are first 12, second 12, third 12, and zero.

These are the only areas of the board we will play.
We will refer to them as section zero, section one, section two, and section three.

Section zero of course refers to the number zero, Section one refers to the numbers 1 through 12, Section two refers to the numbers 13 through 24, and Section 3 refers to the numbers 25 through 36.

If we land on say the number 11, we will refer to that as a one.

If we were to land on number 17, we would refer to that as a 2.

If we were to land on number 35, we would refer to that as a 3, and

of course, if we land on the zero, we refer to that as a zero.

We will ignore the zero for the moment and just concentrate on sections one, two, and three.

We will spin the wheel a few times without betting.
Watch the numbers. What we are watching for is for two numbers to come up in a row that are in the same section.

Once that happens we will place a bet in the other 2 sections. This is for our first bet only.

For instance, if a 1 and an 11 come up one after the other, we would bet on sections 2 and 3.

The reason this works is because this particular casino rarely will have more than 2 numbers in the same section come up in a row until we start betting.

If it does however you triple your bet on both spaces. It is rare that this will happen.

The reason we will win is because each section has a 1 in 3 chance of winning, and each section pays 3 to one, so if we bet on 2 sections, we will profit by the amount of our bet on one of the spaces.

Now study the numbers below:

Notice the numbers we spun 33,17,32,5,16,12, and 6.
Once we spun 2 that are in the same section (12 and 6 which are in section one) we bet on sections 2 and 3.
So we bet $5 on these spots and we won.
We spun a 19 and profited $5. This took about one minute to do.

We will now spin at least 20 times with no bet.
You MUST spin at least 20 times with no bet to clear the computers memory of what you did. If you don’t this won’t work.

Watch the numbers that come up.

You might notice that it will now show 3, 4 or even 5 numbers in a row in the same group.

It is doing that to try and counter what we just did, so take note of how many times in a row the same number group comes up.

That will be our new “base number”.

For example, if 4 numbers from the same group came up in a row, we would wait for 4 more numbers in any group to come up in a row before we would bet again.

Always pay attention to this. If the number increases to more than four, use that as your new base.

The base after the first bet will always be 3 or greater.

If you spin another 20 times without getting a betting opportunity use the highest number in a row that comes up.

We do this to prevent the software from detecting a pattern. You need to always watch for patterns.
Remember, we are dealing with software here. It is not always truly random as it will look for patterns and try and make you lose, so always be watching the numbers that are coming up for patterns.

After we have spun 20 times with no bet, we will look for the proper amount of numbers in a row as calculated above that are in the same section, then bet on the other 2 sections.

The diagram below shows that I spun 20 times with no bet then when I spun 3 in the same section I bet on the other 2 sections – and I won. 5 dollars.

As long as you proceed in this manner, you will always win.
Remember, whenever we lose we must use the following betting scale in order to profit next time.

This will always work because we will always be changing our base to be equal to the new base number we will calculate.
It will be extremely rare that you will have to go past the 10 mark.

Betting scale in dollars:
(1st bet – 2nd bet – 3rd bet – 4th bet – 5th bet)
   1     –      3      –      10    –    30    –    100

Multiply the above by the amount of your bet.

For instance, if you’re betting $1, the scal stays as is.

If you’re betting $2, the scale is 2 – 6 – 20 – 60 - 200

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to earn per hour:
With one dollar bets$10 - $14 per hour

With five dollar bets$50 - $90 per hour

You need a minimum bankroll to assure you can cover your bets.
For $1 bets you need a minimum of $225.

For $5 bets you need a minimum of $1000.

Don’t even try this without having this much money in your bankroll.

If you don’t have enough funds and you get further into the betting scale, you may run out of money, and that will make you lose. I always set a goal for my daily earnings and stop playing once I reach that goal.

You should do the same because if you get tired you might make some costly mistakes. Also, make sure you don’t gamble continuously.

Once you win about one quarter of your goal, stop and log out of the casino and come back later. Try and split your day into 4 different sessions.

I suggest that once you start playing for real money, you should use one dollar bets until you are very confident with what you are doing.

You should use the practice table for a few hours before you start playing for money.

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There is a different mindset when playing for real money then when playing with fake money.

You may feel apprehensive about following the betting scale and bail out.

This will make you lose.

I did this a couple of times and pulled out only to find the next spin was a winner.

This cost me in the beginning.

Now you’re probably wondering about the zero.

If you bet on any single number and it hits, you get 36 times what you bet, so a $5 bet would win you $180 back.

The reason we bet on the zero (in certain cases only) is because it is outside of the 3 other groups that we bet on.

We will only bet on the zero when we see the computer is hitting on zero quite often.

Normally you won’t see zero come up very often, but if you start winning quite a bit, the computer will start to spit out zeros every few spins.

We will bet on zero in conjunction with another bet, so if you are betting on 2 other groups and the zero has been coming up often, throw a bet on the zero.

You have quite a good chance of winning, and if you win on your other bet and not on the zero, the play on the zero was free.

Don’t do this until you have been playing for a while.
Also, if the zero has not come up for a very long time, you might want to put an additional bet on the zero if you are past the 2nd bet.

(At the $10 or greater level)
Here is another strategy you can consider.

Since you always have a 67% chance of winning, you can use the same technique above, but don’t increase your bets.

In other words, just bet once on every betting opportunity.

If you lose, spin 20 times and calculate your base then bet again. You are bound to win more than you lose.

Keep in mind however that every time you lose, you will have to win twice to make up for that loss, so you are probably better off sticking with the above system.

You can try this in practice play to see how you do.

2. Simplified System
To simplify the system somewhat, you can always use three as your base instead of changing it each time.

To do this, you would use 2 as your base only on your first bet, then use 3 every other time and use the betting scale above.

Once you have laid your first bet on base 3 you will continue to spin until you see the third instance of 3 in a row.

This will break the computers memory of what you had done the previous time.

This is slightly more risky, so make sure you have at least double the bankroll suggested above. This strategy is a little more risky.

As an example:
The first bet is after 2 in a row show up in the same group.

The second bet is after 3 in a row in the same group shows up.

The third and all future bets are after a group of three or more show up TWICE.

Always spin at least 20 times with no bet between betting.

3. Getting Your Free Money.
You can download the software and get started from an online casino.

They have great bonus program.
They will match 100% of your first deposit up to $100.
Casinos have great bonus plan.
You can withdraw your initial deposit right away and just leave the bonus money in to play with.
That means that you are not going to use any of your own money with this system.
I suggest you make an initial deposit of $100, then withdraw it back out.
This will leave your bonus money in the account ($100).
You now have $100 to use without having to touch your own money.
There are plenty of online casinos where you can play using this system.

4.Some Things To Remember
- Always play at a private table
- Always use the system as it is. Don’t vary from it.
-You are not using your own money, just the bonuses.
- Keep your sessions to 2 hours or less.
- The computer looks for patterns, so spin at least 20 times between bets to clear its memory.
- Quit while you’re ahead.
Come back later and play some more. This will ensure that you are always fresh, and prevent the computer from figuring out what you are doing.
- The only way you can lose is if the system detects a pattern or if your bankroll is too small.

Always spin at least 20 times with no bets.
A final note:
º Keep your bets small for quite a while.
º Don’t take any risks by making large bets that might bust you.
º Always follow the system and you will do great.
º Remember don’t bet if you are confused in any way.
º Play in practice mode until you are sure about what you are doing.

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5. Earnings Disclaimer
Any reference to earnings made in this ebook is in no way meant as a guarantee, and the author makes no guarantee whatsoever.
You are using this system at your own risk, and the author can not be held liable in any way for any losses or damages incurred by you or your heirs or representatives.
Never use your own money to gamble with.
If you mess up and lose the casinos money you have not lost anything.
If this happens I suggest you do not gamble any more.
6. Copyright
This work is copyrighted ©2005 By Mike Crownley - All rights reserved.
This item may not be resold or copied without explicit permission from the copyright holder.
You may give this report away for free, but you may not re-sell it.


All the Systems, Strategies, tips and information included in this site were received "as is" and we do not assume or share any responsibility for the results the person(s) might obtain when applying or playing using them.

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